Hey there! My name is Veronika Gryshchuk. I am deeply engaged in exploring the unknown and embracing life's complexities. I prioritize functionality and playfulness over perfection, viewing design as a potent medium for communication.
In my academic and professional journey, I've learned to value the intersections of different disciplines and cultures.

Finishing a bachelor's degree in graphic design, I'm continuously driven by a humble yet persistent pursuit of understanding our diverse world. I believe in the inherent beauty of its complexities and imperfections, and I am committed to telling compelling stories through my work, constantly rethinking and relearning.



Hey! I am Veronika Gryshchuk.
I am a junior graphic designer. I attend the design university ELISAVA. My goal isn't just to make something beautiful but to give it function and, therefore: meaning. As a visual communicator, I strive to learn as much as possible about the profession and its creative processes.
Whether we like it or not, we judge a book by its cover. It's a designer's responsibility to make the book represent its' contents in an engaging and coherent way.
I believe that graphic designers have the power to influence the world. If we navigate this profession in the right way, through circumventing the pre-imposed systems of society, we have the potential to provoke change.


Non-Human Frequency  

The Non-Human Frequency project stands at the intersection of critical design, sound design, and bioacoustic technology. It aims to shift the paradigm from a human-centric perspective and foster a profound, empathetic connection with the plant world, emphasizing the fundamental value of non-human life forms.

The core of the project is
a device that captures the signals of plants and translates them into distinctive soundscapes. These sounds serve as a platform for humans to establish a connection with plants and change the perception of something that surrounds us everywhere and
every day.

Final degree project


Queer communities have been able to prosper online but they're difficult to encounter in real-life. So we thought to ourselves, can we bring these digital communities to a physical space? The editorial project aims to give visibility to the diverse experiences of queer individuals based in Barcelona, Spain, through series of featured articles, personal essays and creative expressions. 

w/: Silvia Masclans - Alba Cabiscol - Flavia Somarriba - Sara Miravante - Veronika Gryshchuk - Alexandra Spassov - Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas - Alejandro Spiro Lasala

Magazine on queer community 


"The body is your map" is an experimental project. The work was done by scanning different palms of people, tearing the papers apart, and sewing them back.
The idea behind this project was to represent each human palm as a map of their souls, cultures, and hometowns.

Калюжа from Ukranain means puddle.

w/: Lucas Vazquez, Raquel Bonet, Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas Ferrer and Veronika Gryshchuk

Experimental project

Fecal Matter         

Fecal Matter is the brainchild of a couple, Hannah and Steven. They have an incredibly radical and sometimes terrifying look
that challenges our society. Steven and Hannah go against fast fashion and
anti-consumerism; they are not looking for Instagram likes; they promote themselves and their brand.
The only way people who support them and share their ideas could get a piece of their haute couture was through the Depop website. So we decided to create a visual system of their fashion designs and post-human aesthetics, creating a virtual pop-up shop bringing their universal language to a wider range of people.

Clothes are like a mirror to the individual. Fecal Matter is very insistent on making it clear that their style, along with the clothes they sell, seeks to provide the user with this need to express themselves freely through clothing but in an anti-consumerist way. These concepts of individual expression and mirror led us to the idea of symmetry; through an abstract form, which is constantly repeated both i the eye makeup of the Fecal Matter looks and the cuts of their clothes, we took out new shapes and forms.

Radical forms, post-human figures, and the most seen colors in their identity form part of the created visual system.

w/: Eliot de Tienda, Sara Miravete, Laia Hernando, Oscar Bonet and Veronika Gryshchuk

Flexible visual system

Special Delivery        

The book deals with the topic of resilience from a more intimate perspective. This publication aims to share ordinary people's resilient stories and experiences. A different and personal approach is used as a channel to tell these stories about those objects that were most important to each person.

This book is a compilation of objects belonging to different anonymous people that explain their owners' history from this point of view.
The intimate format and, at the same time, the fact that it deals with several experiences related by ordinary people allows for a very sincere publication. In this way, the reader empathizes in a much closer way with the story that is narrated.

w/: Raquel Bonet and Veronika Gryshchuk

Editorial design